Camera and Bonded Cellular Uplink Package (LIVE STANDUP)



LiveU LU200 Encoder and 4 LTE dongles (airtime/data extra cost)

Sony PMW 350 Broadcast camera/HD lens

2 Micron ch38/65/70 radio mics

2 Sanken cos 11d lav mics

Sachtler Video18 tripod

LED light panels

416 gun mic and Rycote

(requires LIVEU server and set up via LiveU community or LiveU Central)


 Camera/Bonded Uplink with KaSAT dish and encoder 


As above but with NewsSpotter 75cm satellite flyaway uplink dish

( requires LIVEU server at MCR/Newsroom/HQ )


Shoot-Edit package


As camera package but with MacbookPro and FCP X

Sound monitoring

Coles Lip Mic 

FTP back to broadcast server


Camera Crew with HD camera for ENG/ EFP and PSC


Sony PMW 350 with Blackmagic Recorder 100/145 Mb recording or SxS card

Sachtler tripod

Panel lights kit

2 radio mics

416 Gun mic

cables etc


Documentary Sound Package


8 input 10 channel recorder mixer

4 Micron ch38/65/70 Radio mics

4 lav mics for Microns ( Sanken cos 11/ Sennheiser MKE2 Gold)

Outdoor Boom Sennheiser MKH 416

Indoor Boom Oktava mk012 ( or Sennheiser MKH50 at extra cost)

2 Radio IFB for director/producer

2 Camera Hops (mono) for scratch audio

Camera cable from mixer 


Camera Package for News (ENG) /EFP and Documentary/Corporate


We have packages with the following cameras


Sony PMW350 with Nanoflash 35/50/100mb/s

Canon C100 Super 35 Large sensor (48 hr notice)

Canon XF305 (48 hour notice)

GoPro4 Black


The PMW350/C100/XF305 kits come with


 Sachtler Tripod

3 Light Panels and stands

1 Radio Mic

Gun Mic

1 Lav mic


We can supply GoPros, sound kit, extra lights, track and dolly as extras.



Call us to discuss your needs. +44 (0) 7791 80 60 43


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